The wonders of Mexico City

Garry, Ivonne, Rosa (Ivonne's mum who lives upstairs) and I went for a drive into Mexico City proper in the evening.  What a magnificent city it is!  The architecture is stunning, and there are so many beautiful, beautiful buildings.  Large shady trees along all the roadways; parks in profusion; statuary and sculptures everywhere; artworks displayed along the major throughways. Just glorious!

Finding a car park, we wandered across to the Palace of Fine Arts, a magnificent building the interior of which is mostly Italian marble of differing colours.  Spinning in circles, trying to believe the stupendous beauty of the place, I had difficulty dragging my jaw back up off the floor.

Next stop was outside the offices from which the City Mayor and staff work, this being another old, old building, beautifully restored.  We wandered along the same street to the Correo (Post Office), again a wonderful old, restored building with intricate stone crafted decoration on the facade.  On, past other lovely buildings, to the "Tile House", constructed using squillions of ceramic tiles on the outer surface, now occupied by a food chain, Sanborn's, if I remember correctly. We went inside to ogle at the interior beauty.  Stained glass panels in the roof, gigantic frescoes, murals, patterned panels.  And a balcony overlooking the crowded dining area below. Stunning!

The "City Square" is used for providing the city residents with free entertainment.  Not just your everyday type of entertainment, but different, unusual things - fr'instance, a huge ice-skating rink, with skates provided; or the current attraction - Gregory Colbert's "Ashes and Snow", a collection of the most amazing photos, mainly of the unbelievable beauty of animal interaction with humans.  Not just a display of photos, though.  This collection is housed in an enormous "gallery" constructed entirely of bamboo and the shipping containers in which the show travels!  Brilliant stuff!  Unfortunately, it was the final day of the exhibition, a balmy Sunday evening, and the thousands of family groups strolling the city enjoying the evening were focussed on this exhibition, with long, winding queues waiting to enter.  We reluctantly decided against standing in line for possibly hours, by which time the exhibition would probably be closed before we got in.  But this is one show I will try to encounter somewhere along my travels around the world.

From there we crossed over to the Cathedral, a principal structure of pride and reverence in this predominately Catholic community.  Another structure decorated with intricate carvings on its exterior, and fabulous richness inside in the various sections.  Unfortunately, the photos I took didn't work too well, as flashes were not allowed.

Next objective was to view the Presidential Palace, taking up one whole side of the Square, a long, long structure with a central balcony, from which the President speaks to his people on Independence Day.

The rear of the Cathedral also provided views of superb stone workmanship.  This lead us on towards the remains of the ancient city which was discovered underground near the Cathedral.  The remains have been preserved, as a reminder of the origins of the Mexican people and the way in which they lived hundreds of years ago. The streetscapes near here were wonderful, with colourful, tastefully restored dwellings fronting the streets.

Back along past the Post Office and the Gregory Colbert exhibition, to another square where there was a free outdoor concert by the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra, attended by thousands.  How exciting this city is!

A wander down some of the exclusive shopping streets brought us back to the carpark, and the end of a wonderful, wonderful visit to this fabulous city.