There's rain, and then there's RAIN!

I left Bariloche this morning in rain, travelling towards the Chilean border, through the last Argentinian town, Villa La Angostura. Camping along the way was the plan, so I stopped in at V.L.Angostura, to do some WiFi website work at the YPF service station, and to do essential grocery shopping for when I stopped to camp. When I returned to the bike after shopping, it was raining heavily, but away I went, heading west.  By the time I got to the outskirts of town, it was heavier still.  And it got worse the further I travelled, teeming so hard I could barely see the twisting mountain road. 

"This is silly, and stupid", I thought.  "I'm in no hurry to get anywhere, so why am I riding in these conditions?" But I still kept riding.

By the time I was about 20km out, I suddenly remembered that I wouldn't be able to take the fruit, vegetables and meat I'd just bought in Argentina across the border into Chile, a mere 17km further on, due to their regulations. What a waste.  So I did an illegal u-turn in a relatively straight bit of road, and headed back to V.L.Angostura.  By sheer chance I spotted the Tourist Information centre on the way into town, so dripped buckets of water on their floor, while they worked out what suitable cabañas were available at a decent price.

So here I am, ensconced in a wonderful cabaña (self-contained cabin) with WiFi (sometimes - it's on and off) and finally, at 11.30pm, the rain has eased.  So I should really stay for another night to use up all the food I bought.  (Any excuse!!) Hopefully, all my gear will have dried out in another day.