Days 9 & 10 - Lake Bunyoni to Jinja

All good things must come to an end, and so it was time to leave our relaxing refuge of Lake Bunyoni. It was to be a looooong day of 480kms to Jinja. It was another early start, pulling out before 6.00am, in the dark again.

We stopped along the way to buy more charcoal for the cooking braziers, and these two little kids entertained us for a while. The little girl was a crazy dancer, and was constantly moving to her own rhythms.

We called a halt at the equator for the lunch stop and also to enable us to get photos on the monument, with a foot in each hemisphere. I spied these amazing big fruit on a nearby tree, and was told by Dominic that they are Jakfruit, although much bigger than we are used to seeing in Australia.

In the midst of the traffic in Kampala, I was gobsmacked to see this bicycle rider - Below - cycling along with umpteen dozen eggs stacked on the back of the bike. Anyone want to hazard a guess as to how many eggs there are???

Above: A You-beaut Police bike (complete with racing number?) in Kampala. I think it is a 650 Yamaha.

We stopped at the large shopping centre in Kampala again, to get more food supplies, then continued on to Jinja, a large city on the Nile River - actually, the headwaters of the Nile beginning from Lake Victoria - where we were to camp at the Adrift Campground/Resort for two nights.

Above and Below: Sweeping tea plantations


There were optional activities available here, such as white water rafting, bungee jumping, and quad biking, so I opted for the easiest one - quad biking. So after watching Sally, Fran and Brian take the plunge, literally, on the bungee jump into the Nile River, Kashi and I hopped onto the back of some 125cc motorcycle " taxis" for the 6km journey to the quad biking place.

OH MY GOD!!!!!! My driver had not the faintest idea of how to ride a bike!!!!! He stalled it. He couldn't find the gears. He had no idea as to which gear it should be in. It was Hell on wheels! Yarrrrrk! But eventually we got going onto the bitumen road, then onto the gravel for the final 3km.

We had the compulsory preparatory pep talk, as Kashi had never ridden a quad bike before, then we did a few laps of the little track around the buildings for her to get used to it. She was on a 125c one and I was on a 250cc, both Hondas. Then out into the sugarcane fields and in amongst the banana palms and other crops. Unfortunately, it was a designated route, and we had to follow the leader so we couldn't do much " playing" !

I kept asking myself: Why am I paying $70 to ride a quad bike for a couple of hours, when I have one at home???

We just wandered around through the cane fields and the villages, and went down to the Nile a couple of times, to see the new dam they are in the process of constructing. Stupidly, we had both neglected to bring our cameras, so have no photos.

We had to wear helmets, such as they were (ie: totally useless, bicycle helmets!) and goggles but the elastic straps were so totally buggared they were useless, so I didn't bother wearing them, consequently I copped all the red dust all over my face. Then when the heavens opened up with a tremendous storm while we were still out riding, we got fully drenched, and my face was caked with red mud. We decided to NOT take the moto taxis on the way back, so wussed out and got a car taxi. The red clay roads on the bike taxis would have been interesting after all the rain!

Above and Below: The mudcaked intrepid quad bikers.

Above: Don't ask what this monkey is doing!!!

Above: The Bungee platform out over the Nile River. Below: Sally being very brave, waving to us before she took the plunge.


Above: Sally is safely down. Below: Fran looking a little concerned.

Above and Below: Brian looking petrified!! He wouldn't jump, so was given a gentle push to start him off!

Above: One of the monkeys in the trees near the bungee jump. Apparently they all appear from nowhere when someone is jumping.


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