Days 11 & 12 - Jinja to Lake Nakuru National Park and to Lake Naivasha

It was only a short drive from our overnight camp on a farm to Lake Nakuru National Park.

We were highly amused by the antics of the resident Vervet monkeys, seen above and below. Some Japanese tourists pulled up and got out of their car, leaving the doors open, with a very young child inside. In a flash the monkeys were inside, scoping out what they could steal, then out again, to sit on the car roof scoffing their finds. The male Japanese guy got quite stroppy, and was trying to kick the monkeys as they ran from car to car. Not a good thing to be doing right in front of the rangers at the gate!

Above and below: Babboons. Love the way mum is hanging onto the baby's leg, restraining it!!

Above and below: Flamingoes, both the pink Lesser Flamingo and the white Greater Flamingo, pelicans and various other waterbirds. Below: The pelicans having a fine old time, " washing" in the shallow channel, splashing water everywhere.

Above: There's a stranger in our midst. Below: Pelicans with pink flamingos behind them.

Above: Thousands and thousands of birds! Below: A solitary Marabou Stork, patrolling for something to scrounge.

Above: The one and only sighting I've had of the rare black rhinocerous. Below: Three of the far more common white rhinos, females, lying right beside the track, so we got some really up close photos.

Below: This one had previously wandered away to the other side of the road. [sorry, taken through the truck window, so some blurring and reflections]

Above and below: Quite relaxed.

Above and Below: a gorgeous red and blue lizard, sunning itself on a rock at the escarpment lookout.

Above and Below: Looking down from the escarpment.


Above: Typical leopard country, but we were unlucky today, and didn't sight any. Below: I like all the different elements of nature in this photo.

Above: A distant herd of white rhinos. Below: The rarer Rothschild giraffe

Above and Below: It's a looooong way to the top! Eating the horrendously thorny acacias.

Above: At our lunch stop, the vervet monkeys soon appeared to see what they could scrounge. Despite our being told not to feed them, it was a bit disconcerting to look around the corner of the building and see the park rangers feeding others!!!!

Below: One of the many Splendid Starlings, with the astonishingly brilliant irridescent blue feathers.

Above and Below: Shortly after we got under way after lunch, we came across this pride of 2 male and 2 female lions, relaxing under a tree just off the track. We stayed watching them for ages.

Above: The males had a bit of a tiff, and one was sent to the other side of the tree. Below: This was unanimously called "planking - upside down" !

Above: A herd of buffalo. Below: We came upon these two lionesses, hunting some Tommies. One of the Tommies was either brave or stupid, as it kept running straight towards the lions, then scampering away.

Above: a treeful of babboons.

Above: In the distance, but these are eland, the largest of the antelopes, included because they are the only ones we'd seen. Below: A male Waterbuck and a zebra.

There are no elephant or cheetah in this park, so we'd had a good day, seeing all the others of the "Big Five".

We ended the day by driving a short distance to Lake Naivasha, where we set up camp - or actually, got upgaded into ensuite cabins again - at the Crayfish Camp.

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