Days 4 and 5 - Kisumu to Kampala to Lake Bunyoni

We crossed into Uganda after leaving Kisumu. The border was the usual bedlam of trucks and people, with most of the locals just crossing back and forth with no checking whatsoever. But Hesbon had all our passports and our US$50 visa fees bundled together, and we were soon processed through and on our way again.

We needed to replenish our food supplies, so we stopped at a large shopping centre in the suburbs of Kampala, where Dominic went grocery shopping. Here we were also able to get more money and convert it into US$$, as that is what is needed for most border crossings and hotels in these countries. I also lashed out and bought two more SD cards - an 8Gb and a 4Gb - for the video camera, as it became apparent that the original 32Gb card was faulty. I really didn't want to miss getting the gorillas on film!

That night we stayed at Red Chilli Campground in Kampala. Here, we were able to get upgraded accommodation, so Pat and I shared a large cottage - 2 huge bedrooms, lounge, kitchen, diningroom, sep toilet and bathroom, and an outside fully enclosed patio with table and chairs, for the princely sum of an extra $15 each above our prepaid tour camping fee of $6. Free wifi in the bar/lounge area, too. A great place to stay, particularly for the younger travellers.

Turning west the next morning, we were headed towards Lake Bunyoni, the 2nd deepest lake in the world, at about 6500ft. It was a long drive of 380km, so we didn't stop at the equator to get the usual photo, as Hesbon had promised us we'd stop on the return journey. 380km in a day may not sound much, but in the large fully loaded truck we usually averaged only about 40kph overall.

Finally, after traversing a rough dirt road for the final 8km into the lake area, we arrived at the Lake Bunyoni Overland Camp, a stunning location on the edge of the lake. Again we were able to upgrade to individual cabins with ensuite, for only $96 extra for the 4 nights that we were to be here. Luxury!! The only problem was, I was getting electric shocks again from the shonky wiring to the shower! It was a handheld shower, with a ceramic handle. It was OK as long as I didn't move my hand off the ceramic, or bump/touch my body anywhere with the shower head (not as easy to avoid as it sounds, believe me!), otherwise I would get a zap! Not fun!! But the scenery from my room's balcony more than made up for it.

Above: Looking over to the restaurant and bar area from the balcony/patio outside my room . Below: Relaxing with Pat on the patio.

Below: Pat and Kashi on my patio.

Above and Below: Evening light on the lake.

Above: I took heaps of photos of these birds, but they all came out fuzzy, for some reason. They are sort-of like a magpie. Below: A statue in the camp grounds.

Above: On Sunday morning, I walked up to the truck for breakfast to be greeted by an amazing sight:- Dominic, in full starched cook's whites and checked pants! And we had a special brekky - superb French toast! Yummy! Below: This bird was possibly the culprit when a whole loaf of bread was taken by the bird swooping down and grabbing it before flying away.

Above and Below: One afternoon, we sat out in the sunshine with a beer and these beautiful red birds came around pecking at seeds on the ground.

Above: Another statue down near the dugout dock. Below: This lakeside camp is just so gorgeous!

So we had 4 nights here in this tranquil setting, and it was great to have an official rest day, although I did spend mine updating some of the website!!


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