Victoria Falls

As I have been here in Vic Falls for 4 days, I thought I should go and have a looksee at the Falls themselves before I leave tomorrow. When asking Africans how far things are away, they are invariably way, way out! It's always LONGER! So I asked an American woman with a fabric shop (oh, I'm so naughty!!) how far it was. She said about a mile or so.

Off I went walking in the heat and managed to take the wrong track and ended up at the bridge crossing the gorge between Zimbabwe and Zambia. But that was OK, coz most people also come there to take photos. But it was a long way out of the way, especially in the heat.

Above and Below: views of the Zambezie below the falls, taken from the bridge.

Back I go and find the right entryway into the park.

Above: This carving was just one of many on the rough timber stanchions and handrails leading down into the park entrance. The carvings were magnificent! I'll go back with a fully charged battery and get the rest tomorrow.

They know how to charge at the gate - $30US entry fee!!

Above: The Zambezie river system Below: A map of the falls and their names.

Above: My first sight of the falls.

Above and Below: Devil's Cataract

Above: A couple of vervet monkeys as I wandered along the path in the cooling spray mist.

Above and Below: The Main Falls

Above: I spied two of these little Banded Mongooses, but they were very quickly disappearing into the foliage, however I managed to get most of one of them.

Above and Below: Main Falls

Above: I thought this tree was lovely, arching down across the path

Above: A different perspective on Main Falls. Below: A lovely blossom.

Above: At the edge of Main Falls. Note the people standing on the rocks, in the rushing streams of water!

Above and Below: Horseshoe Falls

Above: Rainbow Falls

Above: The top view of Horseshoe Falls and Below: Horseshoe Falls again from near Danger Point.

Above: Looking back at Horseshoe Falls

Above and Below: From Danger Point. Gotta love the twin rainbows!


Above: Some more nice flowers, on the banks of the gorge.

Above and Below: From Danger Point.

Above and Below: The bridge from the falls side.


Above: Note how many people are now at the water at the edge of Main Falls on the Zambian side!!!!

Above: Another lovely flower I found along the route. (It breaks the monotony of the falls photos, anyway!)

Well, it's almost time to leave Vic Falls - as I've now got the website up to date - at last! I'll head out tomorrow, west through Zimbabwe then cross the border into Botswana and head north before stopping for the night. I've been informed there should be lots of wild animals along the Zimbabwe section, as it is still the National Park.

While here in Vic Falls, I've partaken of some of the local delicacies - Crocodile Tail crepe (or so they called it! It was a hard pancake thing, with some overcooked thin breaded strips of something - it could have been ANYthing, and some salad!) and I've just had an Ostrich Burger while doing this page. It was a tossup between the ostrich burger and a Warthog schnitzel!

Let's just say that I've had four good meals since arriving in Africa:- pork chops in Nairobi; pork chops in Malawi; and two meals of beautiful, self-cooked T-bone, eggs, and steamed carrots and baby zucchini, the last two nights here at the Rest Camp. Nothing like a good "home" cooked meal while camping! Almost everything here in Africa is well and truly overcooked!

Next stop - Botswana or possibly Namibia!

PS: We are now being serenaded, here in the restaurant, by a costumed African singing and dance troupe. Good stuff! Named "Black Amazazi", I think?? Brilliant harmonising!

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