Autobahns are fast!

Fuel was the most important thing on my mind as I left the cargo area, as I had less than a litre remaining in the tank, I thought. Found my way to the closest fuel station (2.5km) and fuelled up. Then I realised that the GPS wasn't working properly, so had to have a fiddle with that, to get it to acquire the satellites. Eventually, after the fuel station attendant had taken some photos, I was able to depart, westwards ho!

Phew! Those Porsches, Audis and BMWs FLY on the autobahns!!!!! I contented myself with staying alive, and tootled along in the slow right hand lane, stopping after a couple of hours to get myself together and work out exactly where I was, and where I was going. A Maccas appeared, so pulled in and had something to eat, as I'd had nothing since leaving the hotel early that morning. And they had wifi, too, of course. Out with the world map, and I soon knew where I was. I decided it make it a fairly short riding day, as it was my birthday, so set sail for the British Hotel, in the small village of Bilzen, in Belgium, a ride of about 350kms for the day.

With the bike safely stashed out the back, I wandered through the village and found a small cafe, and partook of a celebratory dinner - yiros meat, salads, bread and a cuppa tea. The rest of the night till all hours was spent updating the website!!

On the Sunday, I headed back north, towards the township of Rijkevoort in the Netherlands, (125kms away) where I had an appointment with the Pro-oiler gurus on Monday arvo, as my chain oiler was not doing anything at all.

It was time to start camping, so I chose a lovely park in the rural village of Sint Antonies (St Anthonys), almost deserted as it is not yet the high season for camping in Europe, and only 3-4km away from Rijkevoort.

Needing to fill in the morning, I went for a walk back into the village to do some shopping, so took the camera along.

An extremely fat and woolly sheep.

A wonderful thatched roof.

The municipal offices, and a delightful flowering tree.

St Anthonys church

An arty display in the village park, featuring colourful baby's cribs, made of metal.

A small grotto I found on my walk back to the campground.

Superb cypress clipped hedges, so compact and tight, bordering a lovely village garden.

A couple of lovely houses.

On the Monday arvo, after a couple of hours in the pleasant company of Arnold, my bike's chain oiler was working perfectly - at last, as it had never worked correctly even when it was originally installed on the previous Wee.

And a rare photo of me riding the bike, as I was leaving Arnold's place.

As I was going through the town of Rijkevoort,, I spied these clever art works, made of steel curves and twists, welded together.

And how could I visit the Netherlands without taking at least one photo of a windmill, just outside the town square with the artwork?

It was so nice at the park that I stayed another day and night, just relaxing.










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