Across Europe to Ol' Blighty

Fortunately, I was able to pack up the tent dry, although it was a cold, cold morning, that bone-chilling grey cold that isn't very pleasant.

Of course, I had to sweep away a "gift" left by a visitor during the night! A cheeky rabbit had been to visit inside the vestibule of the tent the previous night, his nails scritching on the floor waking me, then I shoo-ed him away, not wanting him to get into my supply of fruit and veges. During the day, I'd watched him, bopping around the campgrounds. He came close to my site, sat and looked at me: "I'm gonna come get those vegies tonight, just you wait" he seemed to be saying. So my fruit and vege got securely stashed, but he still came visiting anyway, and left his "gift" in disgust at missing out on the veges.

McDonalds in the Netherlands has free wifi, so of course, I had to stop there. Michael Jackson must have made an impression on the locals here, as there is a large statue erected in his honour.

It was cold on the road, but the thermals had been unearthed and layered on , so it wasn't too bad. Headed west-south-west, to Calais, to catch the ferry over to England. So it was from the Netherlands to Belgium to France, then across to England. It is well sign-posted to the ferry ports, and I had no touble finding my way to the P&O ticket shed. Because I hadn't pre-booked, it cost me €55.50, one way!! [As a comparison, I've booked an upcoming return trip through the Chunnel, for £63.28!!] And the ferries are supposedly cheaper, too!

Not the ferry I sailed on, but similar, docking at the next bay.

This is all I could see of my ferry, from the waiting area on the dock!

The grungy view of the receding dock at Calais, from inside the ferry

Because it was getting on towards late evening when I disembarked after the 1hr30m journey, I thought I'd only ride for an hour or so, before looking for a motel. Well, that time got stretched a bit, as I couldn't find anywhere with a vacancy, but eventually found a great motel for only £43, with full cooked brekky, out to the east of London.










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