I'd checked into the hotel a bit before 2.00pm, so decided to go walkabouts during the late afternoon, if it was cooler. Not that it was much cooler, but away I went walking, armed with a pamphlet and map of the many attractions of this amazing old city. It is so cosmopolitan and vibrant, and full of tourists from all countries, by the looks and sounds of things. In the central area is the Old Town, dating back hundreds of years.

It took me a while to get my bearings, what with all the myriad tiny alleys which are actually streets!! No wonder I was getting confused. Before I figured out where I was (in the opposite direction to where I should have been!) I came across this statue below in a park.

Never did find out what this is, but I'm guessing it must be the Parliament buildings, as it is huge.

Above right is the Dramatic Arts Theatre. Below left: a street scene, including a Harley owner wondering how to get his bike going! (Just joking, guys!) Below right: there were heaps of these lounges in this park, and all of these occupied with people taking the sun. Now I know how everyone in Tallin gets to be so lovely and brown!!

Above: Many churches in the city ( I found most of them!!) and wonderful alleyways.

Below: I came across this German traveller's bike, but no sign of the rider anywhere.

Above and below: views around the city square, including Toomas, the tank train. There were outdoor eateries all around the square, with hardly an unfilled seat to be seen.

Walk through an alleyway above and come across another eatery below.

These are old tombstones found in the area of the Dominican monastery and erected along this wall.

Below: a bar, with just one table and four chairs!

Above and 2nd below: parts of the city wall, which still remains to this day. Below: alleys lead through the thick wall into mysterious places ...

Above and below: the Dominican monastery

Above and below: St Oscar's cathedral

Above and below: Some lovely old buildings, below now being "The Three Sisters" hotel and bar

Above and below: couldn't resist ... Fat Margaret's Tower and gateway

Above: this leads down into a wine bar, apparently

Aboe and below: A very old house.

Above: I loved poking around in little alleys like this one. They're wonderful places. Below: Looking out from within the city walled area.

Above and below: The exterior of the city wall.

Above and below: flower stalls everywhere in the main street. Did you notice that the majority of streets are cobbled?

My walk around the city was over, so I popped into the supermarket to get some food - fruit and yoghurt - as I couldn't find anything I really wanted to eat on offer in the restaurants and cafes. It had been a great day, and a tiring one, so I slept like the dead, before waking early to leave to catch the ferry. The hotel had kindly packed me a brekky bag, as I was leaving before the regular breakfast time of 8.00am. I was off to Scandinavia!

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