Across Europe - again!

I'd booked the ferry, but had totally forgotten to book a hotel room, and as it was going to be very late when I got to France, I was a bit worried. However, while waiting to board at Dover, some English chaps came over for a chat, and then mentioned a biker hotel just over the border in Belgium. They went back to their mobile home (towing a trailer full of vintage bikes to a rally in Norway) and looked it up on the internet. Gave them a call, but I think we got our wires crossed a bit, coz the times got mucked up, as I also lost an hour going into Europe. The end result was that I didn't arrive until 1.40am, by which time Ivan had gone to bed, naturally!

So I just pitched the tent on a very convenient patch of grass over the road from the (locked) gate and went to sleep. Wandered over later in the morning and booked in, and had brekky. A great idea, "Look and Cook" - everything is provided, but you make whatever you want yourself.

The Motorcycle Loft is actually a hotel and bike museum. No cars are permitted entry onto the grounds. There are rooms, and a large bunkhouse. Being a cheapo (occasionally) I chose the bunkhouse, and had it to myself! It's an interesting place, and well worth a visit if you're over that way, near Oostend.


Above: There are some weird and wonderful things in this place. It's quite, well, "different". That's the shower block behind the seat, in the middle of the cavernous shed.

Above: All guests bikes are parked in the circle (if there is room) inside the shed, as well as some of the owner's bikes.

I didn't go into the museum (one old bike is just like another old bike, isn't it??) but took photos below of all the bikes outside the museum doors.

I ended up staying there for 2 nights, as I'd picked up a bad head and chest cold somewhere along the way across from the UK, and wasn't feeling real good. While there, I made the stupid mistake of loading "Jewel of Atlantis" onto my laptop -- It is just soooo addictive! Oh, dear, two solid days of playing that damned game! But at least I finished the whole thing!!! Hahaha! Then left the Loft and headed north east towards Denmark, but only made it as far as Datteln, in Germany, where I'd stayed once before . Again, I had to rest for two days, feeling quite ill.

I had to get moving to the top of Denmark quick smart, and I needed to buy some more very expensive insurance for the bike before I got out of Germany, as the internet documentation said it would be checked when I got to Iceland. So I travelled almost to the border with Denmark, and spent the night in a crowded camping ground on a lake, but it was close to Freiburg, where I had to go to ADAC to get the insurance.

Insurance bought, it was head north for Hanstholm and the ferry to Iceland.

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