Bored stupid!

After being here at the Oasis for over two weeks now, need I say that I am utterly sick to death of waiting around, and am bored stupid?

It is so hot here in UB. Today is forecast to be 33C, and 35C on Monday and Tuesday! This week I am accommodated in a different ger here at the Oasis, and there is NO airflow except when the door is opened, as the roof ports do not open on this ger, unfortunately, unlike the previous ger I was in, where the ports had been removed so that air could flow in.

I'm currently sitting inside in the cafe, but even here it is extremely hot, as there is no airconditioning at all at the Oasis Guesthouse, and there is no opportunity for airflow. Of course, it is also right next to the kitchen, so never really cools down at all. Darkness brings a little relief, although it only gets down to about 14 or 15C at night, so still quite warm, making sleep difficult as well. No rest at all for the wicked hey?

Nicolas from France, and Florin and Diana from Romania have just returned after a couple days out at the Chinggis Khan statue and camping in the National Park. The biker population has climbed back up above the measly three it has been for a few days now.

Did I mention that it was HOT????

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