Chinggis Khan

Ganzo kindly offered to take me out to the giant Chinggis Khan statue complex, about 48km out of the city, as I don't have access to my bike, in the workshop. The first 25km were as rough as guts, potholes everywhere. Not pleasant.

We called into the large new supermarket at the junction with the statue road, for some supplies, as there is little available at the complex.

The entrance, and first view, below

These warriors (below) may be "purchased" and built with the buyer's features. The plan is to have 9,999 of them spread around the grounds. I was very surprised to learn that this whole complex is privately owned!



The statue itself is over 40 metres high, making one feel very small indeed.

This boot is 9 metres tall, and over 6 metres long. A size 7600 or something like that!

The golden whip, over 4 metres long. History is that Chinggis Khan found a horse whip, which is very good luck, and so founded his home at this place where he found the whip.

It's a long, long way down to the Warriors! Fortunately, there was an elevator. It's a long way up to the horse's head.

Having a cuddle?

Two lovely bronze statues at the bar.


Thanks for the photo, Ganzo

Do I look regal, like a queen?? Haha! Dress-ups are good fun!

These are the descriptions of the Warrior groups.


Thanks for the photo, Ganzo.



This statue of the only Mongolian queen is located on private property, so had to take the photo from the roadside. This queen ruled as regent on behalf of a very young child.

The complex from another angle.

So then we left and went to the National Park close by. Beautiful scenery, but photos don't do it justice, I'm afraid.

And then I saw some yaks, and walked over closer and took some photos. They are domesticated of course, and were set on their path to wherever they were going.

This guy escorting his female companion was a WHOPPER!

A photo of Ganzo taking a photo of me!

Turtle Rock.

When in Rome ...... Ganzo "strongly suggested" that I try the Mongolian bow. So I did. The Olympians are safe .....! Haha!

Tentative first touch.

A bit more confident.

I did at least hit the small target, eventually!

Ganzo looks considerably more like the real thing, I'm afraid!

It had been a long, hot day, so we retired to the junction supermarket and had a cup of tea, before heading back to the Oasis.

Thanks, Ganzo, for a great day out in good company.

It felt good to be a "tourist" for a change, without having to worry about the safety of my bike and gear, in the heat. Airconditioned cars sure are better - at times!


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