Comings and Goings

And the gang's still all here! But not for long ....

L to R: Paulo and Ray, Brazil, 4x4; Helmud, GMY, bike; truck guy 1 GMY; Oscar, GMY, bike; Christian, FRA, bike; Christian, GMY, bike; truck guy 2 GMY; Albert and Charlotte, UK, bike; Raphael, FRA/NDL, 4x4; moi; Hyunchul, SK, bike

It was very pleasant sitting outside in the cool of the falling night, chatting with whoever walked past. Even better is that the kitchen staff would bring ordered meals outside to the tables, rather than sitting in the stuffy inside cafe area.

Someone mentioned that they wanted a photo of the travellers, and suddenly about 7 cameras appeared from nowhere, all set up on the adjoining table and aimed at our table in front of my ger. Tripods appeared and were set up, self timers were activated, and click, click, click. We all had photos of the group. Great memories are contained in these photos, when dragged out and looked at in years to come.

The previous days had been spent just resting and planning, planning. (More on this in days to come...) And talking to the other travellers, of course. There is a large supermarket basically next door to the Oasis, which is very handy for shopping for food items and water.

Tuesday morning saw a mass exodus, of most of the travellers. Christian FRA had been waiting for a shock absorber for his Africa Twin, stranded 1300km away to the north west. It had now arrived, and he was catching the bus back to his bike (as the plane was full!), repairing it and continuing on through Mongolia and up into Russia,then after a sojourn in Moscow with his wife who was flying in, he was heading back home to France.

Christian FRA and I at the Oasis. (Thanks for the use of the photo, Christian)

Paulo and Ray had been sitting here at the Oasis for a while waiting for spare parts also, but they were now ready to hit the road again, heading east to Vladivostok, and a date with a shipping container, bound for the USA, and beyond.

Raphael and Eszti were heading back up into Russia, and home to the Netherlands in their little 4x4. I look forward to catching up with them in Europe in years to come.

Oscar, whom I'd met briefly on my arrival at Fairfield, and Helmud were setting off for Russia and home to Germany.

The two German guys in the large yellow truck had also been waiting here for spare parts, now arrived, so they also were setting off for Russia.

Albert and Charlotte took their bike to the agreed upon repository for collection by it's new owner, as they had sold it. Tomorrow, they are catching the bus up to Ulan Ude, where they hope to buy bicycles, which will go on the train with them across to the east, where they catch a bus to Sakhalin on the coast, and then by ferry to Hokkaido in Japan, where they will cycle the country for a while, before heading to the States.

The last photo of Albert's Tenere.

The company has definitely thinned out, but now David and his wife Andrea from Brisbane have arrived. I met David briefly at Fairfield. These two are on a delayed honeymoon. Andrea flew in and did a bus tour during Naadam while waiting for David to arrive, and has now hired a DR650 and they have gone off riding for a week or so, probably up to Lake Hovsgul, in the north west.

There's not many of us left, although another German truck arrived in the evening, as well as two more German bikers, finishing their ride here in Mongolia before shipping their bikes back to Germany.


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