East, to the Oasis

I had been waiting for better weather, not wanting to face the mud of the detour before it had dried sufficiently.

On the Friday, it was quite pleasant, so I went wandering around Tseterleg with the camera, just shooting random things I saw.


Above and below: The ger available for rent in the front yard at Fairfield, and the quite spacious interior.

The "Irish Pub" next door to Fairfield

Above and below: I just loved the textures and angles in this derelict building!

Above: No way was I walking up all those stairs to the monastery in the hot sun!

A little piglet that was wandering around in the town.

Above and below: Josef from Germany readying his bike for departure, and the final farewell.

The R1200GS from, and registered in, Chile, owned by John & Gaby, residents of Launceston on the island of Tasmania, of all places!

But finally it was time to leave this lovely haven, and head east to UlaanBaatar, to the Oasis Guesthouse.

Farewell from Tsetserleg

Various scenery shots ,above and below

MOST uncooperative Yaks!! They were standing, grazing, as I pulled to a stop. By the time I got across the road and around a small obstacle, they had decided to rest! As I didn't manage to get any other closeup photos of yaks, this will have to do. Haha!

Not too sure what this monument was all about, but it was very popular, with people constantly stopping to visit.

Love these shots of kids riding their ponies (mostly bareback) across the steppes at a fair pace, shepherded by vehicles.

I managed to get therough the worst area of potholes without losing any of my luggage this time, although the GPS went crazy, wiping out the Odo and various other settings, and my camera reset itself, for some reason through here. Then I was faced with the detour again ...

Oops! Can't possibly get onto the main highway through this. Guess I'll just have to go on the detour, with some vehicles seen at left middle on the track barely visible north of the highway.

It was quite hot still, so I stopped at Lun for fuel and coffee and a bite to eat. Unfortunately, the servo must have bad fuel, as my bike was again running badly, as it had when I filled up here on the way west. Oh well, I just put up with it, as it was still running, although without much power uphills.

The city of UlaanBaatar has a population of something like 2.3 million, and it is a very spread out city, as it was almost 20kms from the western edge to the Oasis, near the eastern edge.

The GPS brought me straight to the gate of the Oasis Guesthouse, so I manoeuvered around the large raised manhole cover smack bang in front of the centre of the gate and into the rocky driveway.

The first person I saw was Hyunchul, from SK, who immediately came over and we did a double handed high-five as soon as I was off the bike, in pleasure at catching up with each other again!

I had arrived at the Oasis.


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