The Oasis

Omitted photos:

On the way in from Tsetserleg, I did manage to get some shots of bactrian camels, albeit domesticated ones, used as a tourist trap, giving rides.

Above: am I getting an evil eye here?



Above and below: Hyunchul packed and ready to leave for Chinggis Khan's birthplace in north-east Mongolia - all on dirt roads!


Above and below: A cheery wave and he is off - fully loaded!

Above: Street art.

The centrepiece of the roundabout near the Oasis. (Sorry about the powerlines crossing it)

Dusk at the Oasis

Across the deck to the shelter.

The rear entrance into the cafe.

Dusk at the Oasis

Above: I quite like this "burning derelict building" in the sunset, totally accidental, I must admit.


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