Resting in UU - still waiting to get Mongolian visa

Recovering from the Day from Hell took a couple of days, as I had little or no motivation to do anything much. as it was rather hot, in the high 30Cs. On the Wednesday, I managed to get myself together to ride to the Mongolian Consulate for the "known" 5pm,-6pm session for visa applicants. Which was all well and good when, having faced the peak hour traffic with mapping that wanted to take me up tiny back streets, I arrived at the Consulate, only to be waved away by a rather aggressive man from the Consulate.

The gate guard must have taken pity on me and gestured me over to the guard booth, where he was tapping on his tablet, then turned it around to show me a translation program, which read "visa hours 10am Friday". Well, at least I now know when to come here again!

I went out in the cool (relatively!) of Monday evening and walked the street looking for a restaurant or cafe, but ended up at a 24hour supermarket, where I was able to buy a very flavoursome piece of stuffed chicken, which the lady in the store deli heated in the microwave for me. Also some fruit, drinking yoghurt and sachets of premixed coffee/milk/sugar powder, as the hotel had hot/cold water stations on each floor, which was very handy for me, as an avid drinker of tea and coffee.

Tuesday evening's meal consisted of tortillas (brought from Australia) with a salami-like sausage and tomatoes, followed by more yoghurt, and a pastry dessert.

On the Tuesday afternoon I noticed that Shoi's bike (the Japanese guy from the ferry) was in the carpark, although he was not in evidence.

When I walked into the cafe for breakfast Wednesday morning, there was Shoi, and a short while later, in walked Hyunchul from Korea as well. We were all together again. Both guys were understandably still very exhausted from the ride, having arrived separately the previous afternoon/night. Hyunchul had unfortunately had a couple of small offs in the really bad sections, and was bruised and had a few small lacerations on his hands and arms. His bike had suffered a little too, and was covered in soft tar, particularly on his soft panniers, one of which was wrapped in a construction worker's donated orange safety shirt, to try to protect it a little, basically unsucessfully.

It was good to meet up and go out for dinner that evening, to the Chinese restaurant attached to the Hotel Odon. We didn't really know what we were ordering, just pointing to dishes being served to diners on an adjoining table. It was a bit mucky, and we eventually, after several queries as to where our meals were, managed to be served two of the plates we'd ordered, which we shared. It was rather yummy, although we couldn't work out if it was calamari or chicken!

During the course of the meal, we managed to consume two bottles of vodka! However, I must admit the guys had "most" of it as they were having nips followed by juice chasers, while I had mine premixed with the juice. Many, many toasts to our travels were offered, of course. A great night out in good company.

Having ascertained that I couldn't get my Mongolian visa until Friday morning, I rebooked the hotel for Thursday night as well. On Thursday, Hyunchul rang the Consulate and discovered that visa hours were stated as Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10am - 12 noon, so we planned to attend, separately, on Friday. I would pack and check out of the hotel, riding the bike, ready to leave for Mongolia immediately on receipt of the visa, whereas Hyunchul walked to the Consulate and was going to rest another day and depart for Mongolia on the Saturday morning.

Thursday evening's dinner was relatively subdued (I wonder why???) and we ate at a Mongolian cafe close to the hotel. I was in heaven, sitting directly in the flow of the air conditioner!! A quick walk to the supermarket, then back to the hotel for an early-ish night's rest.


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