Catching up in Ulan Ude

I had recently become Friends on Facebook with an Australian, Lynette Williams, who was also travelling Russia/Mongolia with her husband, on two bikes. I'd never met them before, but we agreed to catch up in Ulan Ude, as you do.

I'd planned on staying at the Odon Hotel again, as I knew it, it has safe bike parking, and that shops and food were in close proximity. So I headed directly there from the border.

I was astonished, at one point, when a flash of movement off to the right caught my eye. I looked over, to find a Russian Army tank rumbling and racing along through the forest beside me, not twenty metres away. OMG! Not an everyday sight, believe me.

I stopped to change gloves about 100km north of the border. Some views of the lovely scenery:

And a little further north:

Above: An appealing church, and below: a quaint tea house.

I arrived at the Odon about 5.30pm, and was given a room on the 2nd floor, rather than the third, as there is no elevator in this hotel, saving me walking the extra sets of stairs. I was pooped, and went to bed almost immediately.

Lyn had been in contact, and they had decided to come to the Odon as well, arriving on the Monday.

On the Tuesday, we all decided to stay, and take another rest day and enjoy the company of fellow Aussies again. And so we decided to play tourist and walk to Lenin's Head, down towards the Mongolian Consulate, so I knew roughly where it was. This statue is reputed to be the largest of Lenin's head in the whole of the Russian Federation. I set the GPS to Pedestrian mode, and off we went.

Above: with Alan standing beside it, just for perspective and below: the three Aussies..

Above: the lovely Civic square

Above: Statuary on top of the Opera House. Below: the Town Hall clock tower?

Above and below: the amazing musical fountain, exploding to classical music tunes. Brilliant!

The entrance to the Opera House.

A lovely bronze sculpture of ballet dancers

A little sparrow revelling in the cascading waters, on this hot day.

The entrance doors to the Opera House.

Another of the Municipal buildings around the square.

The Opera House doors.

Pleasing artwork around a rear entrance to the Opera House.

Above: An archway over the main road, and below: another view of the Mongolian Consulate.

A rather large hotel

Simple yet stunning lead-light artwork.

A new building, destined to be, I think, a Museum, or similar when completed.

Looking down on the traffic and the tramways.

Delightful window treatments on this old house.

Loving the architecture!

A lot of buildings have these plaques of famous people attached.

We found a tank, and below, another park.

A cute little kitten in the street market.

It was a good day, just wandering around like tourists, something we rarely do when travelling by bike.

We finished off the remains of the chicken and salad we'd bought for dinner the previous night, and had a drink or two, and called it an early night, ready for departure the next morning.

It was great catching up with you, Lyn and Alan. Perhaps we'll meet again in Australia one day.


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