Novostroika to near Zavitinsk

The same things were dished up for brekky, then I repacked and away I went again. Circumnavigating Khaborovsk was pretty easy, although very slow, with lots of traffic. There had been lots of police hand held radars around but these lessened the further I travelled from the city.


Riding was good, the roads were relatively good. It was pleasant countryside, rolling hills and pastures. I enjoyed checking out the houses in the little villages, as each small house had distinctive window surrounds treatment of varying colours, patterns and shapes.

I stopped for a break at a cafe, to clean my visor of bugs from last night and to set up a hydration system, as it was the one thing I'd forgotten to do before leaving home, although I'd brought along a short length of tubing with a bite valve attached from the XT250. It was popular cafe, with lots of travellers and truckers stopping there. I was "drilling" a hole in the cap of a water bottle with my multi-tool, and knicked a hole in my finger. Never fear, some of the truckers browbeat the poor lass in the cafe until she found me a plaster to stop the prodigious bleeding. So a 1.5 litre bottle located in my jacket pocket,with a hose leading down through the cap and a bite valve on the other end, did the trick. I now had water, as it was quite warm and thirsty work this riding.

With no idea of where I'd stop for the night, I just kept riding. Late in the afternoon, the thunderclouds which had been looming for some time decided to release their wetstuff, and it teemed, and teemed, and teemed! It was teeming when I without warning suddenly went past the large MOSCOW - VLADIVOSTOK monument, but I didn't fancy stopping to take photos in that rain, unfortunately, so gave it a miss.

I rode for a while longer through the teeming rain, until I spied a truckers' roadhouse, with fuel, cafe and gostinitza combined. This would be enough riding for today, at about 540kms.

Here I learned that truckers stops are the best places to stop, as the food is good and there is generally a gostinitza there, whether or not advertised. The room was adequate, with a shared bathroom, but for R1000 (A$20) what can one expect? Unfortunately, no wifi, though, so far out in the county.


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