REST DAY in Ulan Ude

Funny how they're called a "rest day" but all I ever seem to do is work on them!

I needed time to really rest, off the bike, as I'm still suffering aches and pains and still quite tired.

After checking in to the Hotel Odon here in Ulan Ude, and getting the bike and gear sorted last night, I came to my room, sorted a few things out and collapsed on the bed, exhausted. Two hours later, I woke up. I must have needed to sleep. So I went back to sleep again.

Wandered downstairs (no elevators in this hotel! Glad I'm on only the third level, rather than the 6th!) for brekky, a buffet for R250 -A$5. When I attempted to pay, nope, they didn't take my money, for some reason. Oh well ... But at least one of the ladies spoke a little English, and with my "Point at it" book, she understood that I needed to have laundry done, so we organised that for later in the morning.

I went out and collected some more things from the bike, and discovered the source of the rattling at the left rear I'd heard constantly yesterday evening. One of the lower mounting brackets on the Touratech Zega pannier had given way. The part that hooks around the rack had gone to the "Road gods", but the other piece was resting on the rack. One stabilising bar on the rack is broken, also.Not sure if it can be fixed or not, but will probably wait until I get to Mongolia - where there is an Aussie hotel owner who may be able to point me in the right direction to trades people- before trying to get it sorted. It should be OK till then, I reckon, as it must have come through most of yesterday like it.

I brought some of my camping foods and tea and coffee making stuff upstairs. It's good to eat "known" foods, like Vegemite again! Hahaha!

As well as the needed rest stop, I'm really here to get my visa for Mongolia, from the consulate here in town. Apparently they can be obtained in as little as 30 minutes, if one is lucky!

So today has been a day of "rest", typing up several pages for the website!


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