Zavitinsk to Never

A 5.15am brekky of fried eggs, bread and coffee was the princely sum of $1.60. Can't beat that! It wasn't raining now, although the roads were wet in patches.

The countryside was much the same as yesterday, continuous rolling hills interspersed with swamps and marshes and lots of open range land, although I was surprised at the lack of livestock to be seen. I'd only seen two very small herds of cattle, two wandering cows in a village, three horses, a few dogs in towns, and several flat cats. Even the agricultral activities had ceased, no plantings in evidence.

The roads out here started to get a little "ordinary" in places, with lots of ripples and frost heaves breaking the monotony. It paid to pay attention, or suffer the penalties. There had been small areas of contruction, but in general the roads were relatively decent.

A newish truckers' roadhouse, and motel.

Love the roadside rest areas, they even have car ramps to work on the vehicle when it's sick! This car sounded awful when it arrived just after me, and went straight up onto the ramp.

Glorious scenery, above.

There is a memorial to a biker who was killed on his bike. As you can see, lots of people stop here and leave mementoes.

Those Aussies are everywhere! The Duvals went through here in 2015.

As you can see, above and below, it's gorgeous countryside, so green.

I stopped to refuel somewhere, and was appalled to find that my Aussie flag and its pole had disappeared. That would have been a consequence of the bone-jarring "whump" when I hit a pot hole at a higher speed than was advisable. Apparently the zip ties let go, and away it went.


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