The Wee is not perfect!

Horror of horrors! The Wee is not perfect after all!

I'd noticed the speedometer needle intermittently bouncing around all over the place before settling down again a few times recently, particularly when I'd been on bumpy roads, so didn't pay all that much attention to it, thinking it was just the jolting it was getting over the bumps.

Shortly after leaving the service station for my last fillup in Denmark, I noticed that the speedo had stopped working totally, with the tripmeter sitting on 0.2km. Fortunately, I soon remembered to reset the GPS trip meter so that I'd have a record of the distance travelled on each tank of fuel.

The next town was Thisted, a larger town, so I thought there may just be a motorcycle workshop there. After the young girl at the servo proved totally unobservant about what services were in her town, I accosted a guy filling his ute, who gave me precise directions to the largest (only?) bike workshop in town. I had to rush, as it was 5.25pm and they close at 5.30pm. Rushed in and the first guy I saw in the parts department suggested I take the bike around the back through the "gateway" up the street. This I did, and the mechanic, Ole, after telling me they were closing for the day, agreed to have a look at it at 8.00am the next day (Tuesday), as I had very little time to dally, as the ship to Iceland left Hanstholm at 11.00am Tuesday, Hanstholm was still 25km away, and I had to be checked in no later than 90 minutes before departure.

Ole gave me directions to a lovely camping park, where I quickly set up camp, then made the long walk back to town to the McDonald's, as I knew they would have free wifi available.

Below: Views from my campsite in Thisted.

I slept well, and was packed and ready to leave the site by 7.30am - a bit of a change from the 10.30-11.00am departures I'd been achieving lately!. When I arrived at the workshop door at 7.40am, Ole was already there to take delivery of the bike. Once we got the heavy wee lad up onto the centre stand, I disappeared over the road to a recommended eatery for some brekky.

Unfortunately, Ole appeared there not too long after, with the grim news that he wasn't able to help me, as it needed all the fairing panels removed to get to "something", (electronic, I think), and there just wasn't sufficient time to do it before I had to leave for the boat.

So we stood and checked out the new Tenere 1200 sitting on the workshop floor, a little too heavy for me, though. Then, after offering a small koala as he wouldn't take any payment, I was on the bike and away, heading for Hanstholm and the boat to Iceland.

There may possibly be a Suzuki dealer in Reykjavik where I shall again attempt to have this warranty problem fixed.

They're pretty damn good, these ship pilots! Getting in and out of this little harbour so quickly is simply amazing.

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