South to the Lofotens

I was staying in a small room at the edge of the village of Skardsvag, the closest accommodation to Nordkapp, as it was quite unpleasant weather the day I arrived, and I couldn't be bothered pitching the tent in the blowing gale.

I stayed an extra night, as it was convenient, and there was wifi in the common kitchen for the guests. The following day the weather improved greatly so I walked down into the village. Not a large village, with a permanent population of only about 65 people, the remainder of the houses being holiday homes.

Above and below: The village

Above: King crabs are a major fishing venture here. These could be purchased and cooked as required.

Above: Neat houses sheltering in the protection of the surrounding hillsides.

Above: The local school, with only eight pupils and four teachers. There is concern in the village that it may soon close, and the children would need to travel to Honnigsvag, about 25km away


Above and below: a large herd of reindeer kept wandering through the campsite at will, not particularly bothered about the proximity of the people staying there.

Above and below: The lake at the campsite.

But it was soon time to pack and head south down along the west coast of Norway, to the Lofotens group of islands.

But first I had to make a stop in Honningsvag, at the service station, as I was concerned about my chain, and the lack of oil on it when I checked before leaving Skardsvag. Pulled into the servo, stripped everything off to get to the reservoir bottle in the tail under the seat, and chatted to Izabella and Alain, two bikers from Berlin. Bought a bottle of oil and filled the reservoir before leaving.

Later on, I pulled in to Alta for a coffee, and there were Izabella and Alain again. It turns out Izabella also has a Pro-oiler on her bike, which Alain had fitted, so we chatted about oilers for a while, as I restripped everything off again, as it was still not oiling the chain properly. Finally, lying under the bike, I could see the problem - the delivery nozzles weren't hugging the sprocket correctly, hence the oil was not being dispensed to the right place. A bit of fiddling soon fixed this, and all was OK again, thankfully.

I didn't take all that many photos as the weather was a bit overcast with rain threatening again. I came upon an area of wonderful rocks made up of many many layers.

As can be seen by these few photos, the scenery is stunning all the way down the E6 highway.

Waterfalls, streaming hundreds of metres down the mountain sides to the sea.

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