13 June 2016 Heading out  
27 June Russia at last  
29 June Leaving Vladivostok  
30 June Novostroika to Zavitinsk  
1 July Flower sniffin' from Zavinitsk to Never  
2 July Never To Chita  
3 July The Day from Hell!  
4 July REST DAY in Ulan Ude  
5-8 July Resting in UU - still waiting to get Mongolian visa  


8July South to the border, and Darkan  
9 July Just a 30 minute detour, on route to Tsetserleg!!!  
10-11 July Fairfield Guesthouse, Tsetserleg  
12 July Bike repairs  
13-14 July It's raining, it's pouring ...  
14 July Blown away!  
16 July East, to the Oasis  
17-20 July Comings and goings  
21-22 July The planned first ever Mongolian SS1600K - FAILED!
23 July The Oasis  
24 - 27 July Day after day, after day ...  
28 July Chinggis Khan  
29-31 July Bored stupid!  
1 - 4 August Waiting, waiting  
5 August The elusive Mongolia SS1600K-success at last!  
6 August I'm outta here!  


8 - 10 August Catching up in Ulan Ude  
10-13 August Shelter from the Storm ...  
14 August Get a room - and type all day!  

"Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today.... " James Dean

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