I am lucky.

I live in Australia, the "lucky country".

And I'm extremely lucky to be in a situation that enables me to live out my dream of riding around the world. 

During this trip, I shall encounter many, many scenes of devastating poverty and ill-health. It is also a sad fact of life that those less fortunate are, generally, those who offer (the RTW traveller) the most, be it friendship, simple hospitality or insights into their cultures.  As a token of my respect for the lives of those less fortunate, it is my intention to take steps to give a little back.

And if you enjoy reading of my adventures, you may like to donate a small amount to either of the charities listed here.



  Christian Blind Mission International:

From the website:  www.cbmi.org.au

CBM International is the largest organisation in the world working to improve the quality of life of people with disability. We work in 110 of the world's poorest countries, restoring sight, providing orthopaedic surgery, physiotherapy, rehabilitation and special education, and striving to prevent injuries or diseases which can cause disability. Our 25,734 doctors, surgeons, nurses and medical teams are the experts in their field.

We've been quietly doing this work for almost 100 years. In fact, last year, CBM gave medical help and hope to 12,575,583 people! We were able to do this with the financial support of over 80,000 Australians.

Worldwide 17 million people are blind because of cataracts. Most cataracts can be removed in a 12-minute operation. However, because 85% of the cataract-blinded people live in the world’s poorest countries, they can’t afford operations and remain blind. CBM is taking a stand against preventable blindness.

Help Stop River Blindness

Time is running out. With the rainy season coming in April, Africa's rivers will soon be rising.
Hundreds of people need Mectizan now!

Just one dose of a tablet called Mectizan will keep someone safe from River Blindness for an entire year.

You can protect people from this life-blighting disease for just 46 cents per person!

Facts about river blindness
Worldwide, 125 million people are at risk of river blindness

It costs just 46 cents per person to provide the medication to prevent river blindness.


Readers:  Please consider making a donation here direct to CBMI.





  The Royal Flying Doctor Service

From the website: www.flyingdoctor.net

The Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia is a not-for-profit charitable service providing aeromedical emergency and primary health care services together with communication and education assistance to people who live, work and travel in regional and remote Australia.

Read about the history and birth of the RFDS idea here.

***The RFDS collected my broken body from Meekatharra RFDS Base in outback Western Australia and flew me 1000km south to Royal Perth Hospital, after my accident in August 2006.

Many motorcyclists, injured in outback Australia, have been airlifted to safety and hospitalisation by the RFDS in recent years.


Readers:  Please consider making a donation here direct to RFDS.