19 August, 2007:  QANTAS Airways - both the bike (Black Brutus) and I, from Brisbane, Australia, to Los Angeles, USA .  Dangerous Goods documentation completed by Dangerous Goods Management, Brisbane

TOTAL BIKE COST: Qantas $1694 + DGM $143 + Qantas LAX                                    US$30  =  AUD$1873


28 October, 2007:  QANTAS Airways - both the bike (Gus) and I, from Brisbane, Australia, to Los Angeles, USA .  Dangerous Goods documentation completed by Dangerous Goods Management, Brisbane

TOTAL BIKE COST: Qantas $1709  + DGM $130  + Qantas LAX                                    US$30  =  AUD$1873     

One copy of ALL documentation shall remain with my contact person in Australia.

Passport, new 64 pp microchipped version. + 5 photocopies

5 Photocopies of all cards

5 "Driving Licences" - spares!

Carnet du Passage et Douane - Not required as yet, but all relevant information and forms obtained from the Australian Automobile Association, Canberra.  [Contact:  PEPINA.  Was very helpful]

Set of laminated "flip cards" of currency conversion for each country through which I'll pass.

I've settled on a budget of AUD$75.00 per day, acknowledging before departure that this amount is insufficient for some places (eg:Europe, USA/Canada) and far more than necessary for other places (eg: Africa, Asia).  Over the whole trip, it should balance out nicely.

This daily budgetted amount does NOT include major expenses, like airfreight for the bike; airfares for myself; personal Travel Insurance; Antarctic cruise; Galapagos Islands excursion; etc etc.

I hope, eventually, to have a link HERE to a spreadsheet with actual costs [with comparisons to the planned budget] for each continent.





Woollerina Thermal merino wool l/s top, black, which doubles as a sweater.

Knickers and bras

2 x Coolmax quick-dry s/s tees.

Kathmandu l/s quick-dry shirt.

Kathmandu Thermal socks

Alpaca thermal socks

Kathmandu windblock Polarfleece sweater

Black (non-wrinkle) slacks

Non-wrinkle dressy top

Quick-dry shorts



Masseur slide-sandals


Pr 70denier tights (as thermals)

Beanie (30 years old, homemade)

Dell Inspiron 8600 laptop

WD 160Gb Pocket Drive

Panasonic Video Camera

Kodak Digital camera

30Gb iPod

12v inverter

Olympus digital voice recorder


Trangia stove system

Stainless steel wok (which fits over the Trangia)

S/S vegetable steamer (which fits under the wok, on the Trangia)

MSR Superfly gas burner (for emergencies eg: when no methylated spirit available for the Trangia).

Snow Peak Giga Power WG stove.  [A review here and another here] A small, almost SILENT-burning petrol/gasoline stove, which needs no pre-heating - for when I can't get canister gas or metho, or just when I feel like using it!! Yep, it's a bit of overkill having 3 stoves, but what the heck! You know - one for the meat, one for steaming the veges, and the other for the kettle!

Coleman Lakeside 3 tent, and vinyl sheet footprint

Exped DownMat 9 (down filled mattress) with a light polyester cover.   WONDERFUL!!

Blow up pillow, with pillowcase

-5C rated  down sleeping bag

Homemade Thinsulate "doona", which can be converted into a sleeping bag.

Silk (double) bag liner, used as a cover for the Thinsulate doona.

The beauty of this 3-part sleeping bag system is that I can use just the silk liner, if it's very hot; the Thinsulate doona with silk cover if it's pleasant weather; the sleeping bag if it's cold; and the Thinsulate doona/bag inside the sleeping bag when it is REALLY cold.

Versalite fluro 12v light

Small claw hammer, for pegs

Freshette and 1 lt screwtop oil bottle - for when Nature calls during the night.  (Wouldn't be without it, ladies! Best thing since sliced bread)

Rivet TransTour 100% waterproof jacket, with zip-out thermal liner.

(Although it's now 8.5 years old, I still like this jacket - as it does everything I need - and haven't been able to find a suitable replacement).

Brosh UltraCool K summer jacket

BMW Summer Riding pants, with zip-off legs (ie dual purpose.)

DriRider quilted thermal waterproof overpants .

Pr lightweight waterproof overpants.

Widder 12v System 2 Lectric vest, also Lectric leg chaps, with linked 7-setting heat controller.

Snowmobile Goretex gloves.

Other gloves, of various weights.

BMW silk balaklava - to stop my hair blowing around.


LED Head light

Small torch

Scrabble cards

Small S-W/AM/FM radio

Chamois towel